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"The very inspiring ‘Limón: A Life Beyond Words’, a wonderfully insightful documentary directed by Malachi Roth.... the greatness and importance of the Mexican/American choreographer shone brightly through the well-paced documentary."


                         EDWARD ELLISON, DANCE INSIDER


"Old film footage conjures up incomparable dancers of the past and their choreographies to give us a very special frission of delight."


                          SUSI LOVELL, THE MONTREAL GAZETTE


"The film succeeds in capturing through images not only his movements but also his innermost conflicts and aspirations."


                           ILEANA CITARISTI, SUTRI


"Roth's social conscience gives [the film] a strong sense of context and he's adept at linking Limón's works to the era of their creation or the man's own story."


                            LEWIS SEGAL, THE LOS ANGELES TIMES


"...this poetic film enriches our experience and understanding of this great artist."


                             ROSE ANN THOM, DANCE MAGAZINE


"This film is important to the entire dance world and to those everywhere who value artists."


                              DEBORAH JOWITT, THE VILLAGE VOICE 


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